May Monster Madness "Horror" Movies

Back to bloody business, tonight I'm sharing some of my horror movie memories. The first horror that really (and I mean REALLY!!!) scared me was Audition. I've watched it a few years ago, and O.M.G. that definitely was a new level of scary for me. Before that, I had only seen those more-funny-than-scary films. Like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, you know the type. I'm more tough now, but still don't watch many horror movies, mostly because I love to read more. :)
But there's one or two I love, and even recommend. I've already talked about the first one in my mini-playlist post, it's the Gantz movie. It's Japanese, but also has English dub. It's a two part movie, and this is the trailer of part 1.

Gantz is a real gore-feast. The anime and the manga have more blood, gore and erotica, while the movies are more toned down, but they're still quite disturbing. I've to admit I don't like the guy/"actor" (Ninomiya) who plays the main character, never did, but the others are all rock. And really, I wouldn't want any of my favorites to play the main role, because of certain things....  :D

Badass Kid :D
Matsuyama Kenichi - You just have to love him :P
Okay, new topic. :) I love Johnny Depp since Edward Scissorhands and Tim Burton has a new film coming out with him again. Yay! It's called Dark Shadows, and I simply cannot wait to see it :)

Lol, those nails :D
Have you seen Gantz? Are you excited about Dark Shadows?


  1. Dark Shadow is on my list to see...since i love johnny!

  2. I'm more excited for Dark Shadows because of Eva Green

  3. Yeah, I love Johnny Depp & anything from Tim Burton, especially when it's with Johnny Depp ;) so I'm really excited about Dark Shadows :)
    As for Gantz, haven't watched it or even heard about it until now :( and I'm actually sad about that, because from the trailer looks like my type of movie, so thanks for pointing it out, now I have to watch it! My sister watches lots of anime, so I'll have to ask her, she already might have seen both the anime & the movies ;)

  4. @Aleksandra

    Yes,yes! Tim Burton&Johnny Depp are the best combination for an amazing film.
    Enjoy Gantz, and tell me if you liked it. :)

  5. @Braine @ Talk Supe

    I only saw her in The Dreamers. She looks great as the witch :P

  6. Love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I absolutely can't wait for 'Dark Shadows'. It looks fabulous! :D

  7. I haven't seen Gantz but I'm dying to watch Dark Shadows. Gotta love Johnny Depp. ;)


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